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Walton and Weybridge Film Society

Welcome to the Walton and Weybridge Film Society website.

We meet about once a month on Wednesday evenings at 7.45pm at the Cleves School Performance Hall in Weybridge to watch well regarded (mostly recent) films that have probably not been shown in our local cinemas. The Film Programme page shows the type of film we show. The venue is a very modern theatre, with ample car parking and disabled access, comfortable tiered seating for 240, heating and air conditioning, excellent projection equipment, and refreshment facilities which enable us to offer free tea and coffee when time permits. This provides an opportunity for members to stay and discuss the film with the committee and other members. If you live in the Walton/Weybridge area, why not join us? Contact Ann Skey at

A Message from our Chairman

Spring 2015

Dear Member

We have enjoyed some excellent films so far, though not everyone will necessarily agree which the highlights were! The popular French comedy, Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’Tis, was a popular choice for the now well established Christmas party. And the classic Lift to the Scaffold received good feedback, enhanced by the excellent talk before it by jazz musician Mike Head, to whom I express our thanks. Don’t forget another special event, The Lunchbox, on May 6th, which will be followed by a party.

However, the season has not been without its problems, and I apologise again for the disruption to the advertised programme. Two films were postponed due to a failure of the projector, and we also had a problem with a film supplied without subtitles (despite being described as having them), so we had to make a quick switch round. A further film, Marius, had to be sourced from the theatrical distributor, as its DVD release was unexpectedly delayed. The copy supplied started off well, but deteriorated as it progressed, probably because it had been mishandled. We have now resolved not to book a film unless we are sure of a mint copy.

Don’t forget, that as a thank you to members, we have an additional film, Fanny, the sequel to the well-received Marius, on Wednesday 22 April at the Playhouse in Hepworth Way, Walton, starting at 7.45 pm.

I am pleased to say that the new regime at Cleves School have welcomed us, and we are currently talking about upgrading the equipment. They are also willing to commit to our dates well in advance (delayed this year until we were past our print date). Although the venue is not perfect it does have many advantages compared with others we have looked at.

Membership has been down this year by about 10%, and attendance in the second half of the season is only about 50% of membership, which is concerning. We are still very viable, even without our healthy reserve, but would like to have more members and guests, especially as we have the capacity. I realise that the disruption has not helped, but we hope that is now all behind us, and that with the new programme currently being planned, you will rejoin and encourage others to do so too.

When I became Chairman a year ago, I said I wished to hold office for only a year. I should like to thank the Committee for their support, but having been on the Committee since 1972, I am standing down to allow others to continue bringing international films to our community. I trust that, like me, you will continue to enjoy them in the forthcoming season!


David Finch


Annual General Meeting

7.45pm, Wednesday 15 April 2015
Performance Hall, Cleves School, Weybridge.

1. To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive the Chairman’s Report on the activities of the past year

3. To receive the Accounts of the Society for the year to 31st May 2014

4. To elect Officers and Committee Members of the Society:

a. Chairman Ken Wilson

b. Treasurer Alan Worcester

c. Secretary Jane Thorp

d. Committee members:

Beryl Duckworth
Stephen Hayes
Chris Jones (new)
Ruth Rees

5. To consider any Resolutions of which reasonable notice has been given

6. Informally to discuss any other business with the permission of the Chairman

NB. The accounts for the year to 31st May 2014 are in the “Society” section of this website

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